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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sales promotion

Sales promotion, sales promotion, sales promotion, sales promotion........ Almost got 'la la la...' with that phase. But still, i like it. Anyway, here some stupid yet dumb story. We know what is sales promotion. If there is no sales promotion, how can retailers sells and how can the market grow and how can the consumers profit from that.

In this case, i really agree that when there is no sales promotion, there is no market and when there is no market, there no significant of consumers existing. Unless you in a monopoly type of market then no need sales promotion. The fact in Malaysia, we need sales promotion especially when we have a multicultural and multiethnic community.

In the mist of needing this sales promotion, there is or are a group of people that against it. I don't know, they are stupid or just playing clever and try to influence people around based on what they perceived as true and good. Like my suprvisor always say, "Who the beep.. are you!"

Saw this sign when i went back to my hometown for my occasional rest and vacation. 'No Sales Promotion'???!!! What the heck? Who are you. Or should i say, who the f#ck are you? I'm offended. As a marketer and academician, i'm offended.

Well who am i to judge? Like Forrest Gump say, "Stupid does what stupid was." Ha ha...

Your Cool~~~

1 comment:

Ernest said...

i think they meant no salesman allowed
anyway... nice magazines... can i have a copy? especially nerd of the year ... just like after graduate of the year... not at all a player...

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