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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Merdeka Palace

I don't know this. But really notice that some people are really excited when they went to a five start hotel. Well, there is nothing special actually. Just that it is a hotel and it's five star only. Come on, i know some hotels that are better and the price is not as crazy as these five star one.

Last Sunday, under pressure, for some sort of seminar, i went to Merdeka Palace and guess what, it is just like that. Normal and nothing in particular. Nothing great actually.

It is just that normal.
Yeah... So for some, is it that interesting that you are able to stay or even went there? Well for me, there is no such anxiety for it. And the parking cost like hell where there is no parking outside. Even if there is, you need to walk so damn far. I have tried few time Merdeka Palace Hotel food. Nothing special. It is just expensive. Road side food taste better though. Not only agreed by me but most of the "Ang Mo" that i knew that came to Kuching.
Ya, I'm Cool~~~

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