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Friday, September 5, 2008

Death and Pizza

When a person will fear death? When death will come? How to get rid of the fear from inner? Does God exist? Is death his will and our faith?
For me, all those are real, truthfull. I fear death and no lie, i fear God. Whenever i saw stuff that is hurt and irritating (e.g. accident), i will certainly have the fear of death. I know that i will die one of this days and only God know when, so i must overcome the feeling of fear of death. Embrace it like a new born baby as one is re-born after his/her death in the Almighty kingdom and a new and perfect being.

Was driving to 10th mile yesterday and saw this accident. The car engine is on fire and i have the feeling that it gonna explode soon, that time. But thank God, it didn't.

At that time the feeling of fear came and i know i must overcome it. For today i'm not afraid of death, as i know there is a purpose for my death. The only regret would be not having my Hawaiian Chicken Pizza at Pizza Hut TM.
May God bless the pizza for human kind. 'Man, i want pizza now. Sh#t!!! D#mn hungry!!!'
I'm Cool~~~~
You are definitely Cool~~~

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