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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here it come again. No mood.

Damn, really fade up with my 'such' attitude. Not progressive at all. Or maybe just me, working too hard and non-stop. But still with many things pending on my desk. But at least settle half of the loads. Only God know when i can settle my stuff. Well, seeing so, would take my leave soon and went back for Raya. "Balik kampung, wo wo wo, balik kampung. Wo wo wo, balik kampung... Hati riang....."

FAQ: Jeff, why you so hard working?
ANS: Well, i'm inspired by Prof Ernest (now you can imagine leave flew by you face and one big drop of sweat falling down from your forhead) ability to finish his master in a year. (Wink... Actually just wanna show how good am i, but doesn't work la. Ha ha...). It become my habit already come office almost every night like Dr. Evan (Ya la, angkat la...). Bored at home and night time i can do better (Like i do my stuff like that, ha ha...).

FAQ: Jeff, why you look so down and stress.
ANS: My mom give birth to me like this, what can i do about it? Ha ha... No la, joking only. Well if you wanna see happy face from me, can... Give me all your money and buy me ten bottles of different whisky and cognac so i can stock it for long long time and enjoy it me-self. I would also like a bottle of Vodka. (Garcon, un bottle se Absolute Vodka, SVP.)

FAQ: Jeff, do you have entertainment?
ANS: Yes, i have... I am a human being so i am quite sure i am entertain knowing that fact. My hobby, i like to see girls profile and pics in friendster, drink with Evan, Will, Yuen, Lau, Aden and other members. And occasionally would love to think that i in a 'massage centre' and being massage from top to bottom and some **** part of my beloved body. And above all, i love counting my coins at home that never seems to increase in volume.

FAQ: Jeff, what is you plan?
ANS: Finish my MSC fast fast and continue my PHD fast fast. Ha ha.... And earn money little little. But for now, i wanna go back and watch NTV7 news and read Malaysia kini on how our beloved politicians rumble with each other. Found it more interesting than my regular Tuesday night 10.00p.m. ASSP channel WWE Raw.

Now see how bored am i that i talk to myself. Well, continue with my regular work, write papers. Ha ha....

Your Cool~~~

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little said...

:) come on man! cheer up.. even when u're stress things still need move on, why don you faced it with cheer full mind? :) just think of the return.. everything happen with good reason behind it.. u so hardworking.. will get the fruits out of it soon.. all the best for u.. :)

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