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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Velocity Go-Kart (review)

Been there last night with James and Alex. Ok, it is not that fast, but worth the money and effort. At least i beat the shit out of them and rank first though did accident one time.

Did not manage to get photo but damn it, i have a nice race. We did a 20 round with 17 round actual race. My best lap, 30.+++ second. Ok for a starter. The record time on that track is 24.+++ second. So my next target is to get at least 25.+++ second.

Possible? Yeah... Lets try out and see.

Oh ya, the place is located after Bintawa police station. at the road side. You can see big sign board there. Next time, i gonna ask Willy there when he back from Singapore.

Wanna see some pictures? Go to this URL,

You will know what i mean here. See ya.


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