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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Velocity Go-Kart

I just heard this from Abang Nasir (FEB Staff) yesterday and decided to go check out that place yesterday. Sadly, i can't find it.

Well, it is not my first time Go-Kart. Actually back in Sarikei, i have try Go-Kart few time. We used to have one there but the demand is very very little, that why it is closed down after a while. But the field is still there. And it is an outdoor one.

So, just now have called the manager of that place (i get the address and contact number from a blog) and did ask him where it is. Now i know where it is and will go there with Will and the rest for a trial. I think will be worth the money and effort lar and both me and Will love racing a lot. Just that we don do it here in the streets. Police.... ha ha.

Will check that place up and post it up here. Chao...


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