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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Life back to normal... Snippet

Well, been a hectic week that i have been relaxing and apparently do nothing, at home and in office. Quite enjoy the effort that i put on searching for blogs and pictures that is interesting and fun to provoke at. Well, will post some of the findings that i have found in the Net.

Just some snippet
My assumption (based on media information) of the attack by some Big time WORM in the net apparently come to life. I was inform that the worm will attack right at 1st of April (yesterday) and it did happen. So far from my information based on media info, it mainly attacked enterprises in few ways. The most clear threat that i know is that these worms eventually hack in enterprises and some household account and channel the account information to some illegal organization such as the mafia around the world. What those illegal organization gonna do, i bet u have ur own idea by now.

Anyway, it doesn't mean that after 1st April incident, such thing will not happen anymore. The threats is still there as Microsoft and Micro Trend have no idea how to delete, totally delete, the worm that is around now. I mean, i'm taking risk now that i'm online. Real threats will be for those that doesn't have genuine windows license and have crappy anti-virus installed in their pc. Well, info from Microsoft even advice people not to trust free online anti-virus solution from AVIRA to AVG and many more. For me, this anti-virus just bullshitting around, bla bla bla...

Well, i think the best solution to this matter will be, ta ta ta ta ta..... ta da.... Buy Apple Mac. He he... I'm considering one now. And for the record, Apple have one of the best notebook in the market and the possibilities of getting attack by virus and worm known to this world is comparatively very very very very less. I think there might just be less than 50 cases or less around the globe. Now who u trust? Window or Mac?

Another snippet
The fast and furious is out and this time is the 4th installment is this wonderful adventure of crashing cars and hot chicks. Not to forget the display of nice rides with full customs modification. This movie make all the magazine on cars in the market look crappy and literally informative car maniac in the market.

The best part of this latest installment is that Dom aka Vin Diesel, is back with more action and thrills. i just love his driving skills.

The more best part is that i gonna head to Star tonight with some buddies of mine (sorry girls) for the adventure of looking at more hot chicks and the movie in cinema. Man, i gonna love it. Seen the thrillers, it was just so so damn good.

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