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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life back at the old days. Do i study?

The old days sure is good. Thinking back of it, it is kinda nostalgic with the bitter and sweet taste in it. Life back then was simple enough. Wake up early in the morning for school, go to class to continue to sleep and wait for recess so can go to juniors' block and find some nerd to bully. Then head back to class just to continue sleep. By now you'll be asking, "don't u study?". The answer is nope. I never done that. Well, i do la, only when my PK1 (vice head master) come and chase after me or put me in detention class. he he...

Way back in form two i was an excellent student. I don really study but i know all my subject well. Kinda have the feeling that i'm a genius back then. With no study i got 4 a's and 3 b's for my PMR. Even during form two, i was an athlete. Back then, all the bad and naughty boys were athlete. And me, a 5000 meter long distance runner and i still hold the record now. I think my ability to run and stand the tiredness due to everyday running from block to block when my PK1 or PKhem chase after me.

Form three, still an excellent student holding the record of number 1 in class from form 2 till i finish form 3. Hard to believe le. But still, everyday being rotan due to heavy duty nakal and bullying other juniors, and also at that level i have learn to smoke and fight with seniors. hard to believe le. My record for getting demerit is around 250 to 300 point in a year and never been suspended. Now that i never believe. Why? Still, I'm in the list of SMK St Anthony most nakal boy at that time.

Reach form four would be a bit tense for me as i was in the science stream and in the best class. I tell u, that kill my reputation as a nakal boy and my academic reputation. Not only i cannot do stupid things in class like try to hook up with my girl class mates, i don even been given the chances to sleep in class. Reason? All the teacher that teach us is some kind of discipline teacher. I suffer like hell, yet feel happy cos i still got number 1 in class, but from the back this time. Ha ha. And my seat was located at the very end of the class with no girls unwillingly seat at my side. I never know why. Then cos my bad reputation and discipline matters in school, i bought the good reputation of that class into the drain. Once a dream class to be in have become the most unfavorable class in SMK St Anthony history. Cos i always got less than 10 in class for all exams. Some kind of boycott from us from the back that time, well only two of us actually. Then my PK1 can't stand me and another buddy of mine in that class, i was transfer to the most bad science class when i reach form 5. That is when the fun started. I mean really.

Class subject - 50% of the class sleep. There even some like 'Arnold' and 'light bulb' that can sleep by only placing their head on the side wall of the class. Some even making pools of infected saliva on the desk. Me -> Making my back seat as combat station for those that wanna have wrestling in class. I never participate as i'm of smaller size in that class.

Class activities - 80% of the class will always at school basketball field for some interesting basketball+wrestling matches whenever any of the teacher doesn't come to class. I always have the feeling that our teacher escape from coming to our class by hiding somewhere like toilets and some bushes. Why le? We so fun in class and always play jokes - on our teachers. Ok, back to the games. It will only stop when three person come. first our very own discipline teacher assign specially for our class disciplinary problem. Second, our PK1 that like to rotan me since form 1, and apparently some of the other guys in my class. Third and not least our super singer teacher, PKhem, that is our chemistry teacher back at form 4. Three of them will always bring their rotan and chase after us whenever see us fooling around during class hour. Sometime even during recess when find us somewhere at juniors' block, either flirting with girls or bullying some nerd.

Class performance - ooh wow, we are always the best class, dream class to be in. We do our own project in class like eating sunflower seeds or groundnuts. Art carving that never finish even after a year. Rearing invisible fishes with our saliva on our desk. And shoot range practice with only rubber string and pages of our homework book. The target, some nerd at front seat.

After class activity - Light up a cigarette right after pass out of school gate. Gather with buddy after have lunch at home and play gangster. Well, i eventually become one of the gangster members at that time. Gamble at some park at some deserted housing area. Having our regular sweet tea that cost only fifty cent at our regular coffee at the same park that we gamble. Play snooker with the ambition of becoming the next 'Jimmy Y - World Champion at that time'. Night time will do some activities like round round the town with our motor bikes. No petrol, go back ask mom for money for petrol. But always remember to ask more for rokok 'Rave'. but never declare that i smoke or the rest of my life will be grounded at home, no bike, no money.

Now, do i study? Answer = Nope. SPM almost failed. That is the time i really freak out. Future at stake. But manage to get in form six at July, the last intake. Initially still naughty but luckily enough met my ex there, at form six. She kinda change my life as i don fool around much. How come? cos i spend most of my time at her place. So where got time for fooling around.

STPM, still not good but still manage to get into UNIMAS. And then is when i change. I don know how but i eventually change to a good guy. Go to church and no more bully bully people case. Go to class, get the best grades and do the best for assignments and thesis. And wa la, now at Masters level in UNIMAS also. and plan for PhD soon. Wow...

Now do i study? Answer = Yes, only now.

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