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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Suprises and Touching Moment

Yesterday was my dad visit to Kuching. Actually he is on a course organized by the state government at Merdeka Palace. Was a nice place and like it. Well, next time when i got extra money and time, will have one or two night stay there with my family. Nice ya.

Then promise my dad will bring him over to some places at Kuching last night. So we went to Boulevard. He was amazed by the sheer size of that Hypermall. So we went to park our car at ground floor (usually i do that and park there though need to pay). Once we went in the entrance from parking, my dad just pause for a while and call up a guy... "ah liang" (in Hakka). That guy replied and for that instance i saw my dad almost cried in joy. That guy was my father brother, my uncle. He ask me to greet him and in Hakka but i can't do it as i'm not at all literate in Hakka.

So the story of my family goes like this. My dad came from a broken family. My grandpa have four wives and dozens of siblings. As far as i know, my grandma was the third or last one and she is a Native (Iban in precise). So i have a mix blood then. Ha ha.... (No wonder i can drink like what, ha ha...). Ok, back to the story. So my dad have 13 brothers and my dad rank number 9 (The one that we met rank number 8 in the Jee's Family Tree). But me and my siblings never met any of them. My dad move to Sarikei at a very young age at 18 i guess, and my grandpa was at Sarikei at that moment. But at that time i think the family have already separated. By the way, my dad originally from Kuching but never back for decade. So, me and my siblings never met our grandparents and uncles and aunts.

Well actually i did met my grandma once in Sarikei. I was 16 that time and basically i don't care what is what (rebellious actually that time). So can't recall her face. I regretted that so much when think back of it.

My uncle look so much like my dad. Body size, hand, foot, neck, belly, face, height. Almost identical but just that my dad is darker and my uncle is fairer. Ha ha... But they from different mother. My dad was the third or last, i can't recall, and my uncle from the second mother. Complicated family. Both of them hug and chats and can see their eye shiver in red, like their precious diamond almost drop to the earth. I just stunt there. Can't say a single word as i really don't know what to say actually.

But there is no initiative to reunited all the siblings in my dad family by anyone (i must do the other way then, reunite). They might from different mothers, but i think that we are all family and we are close family, blood related family and should reunite at least for a dinner during Chinese New Year. I hope it will happen and if it really happen, i will try the best to get my family to meet all the siblings in my dad family and as well as their childrens that will be my cousins. Well, hope my Grandpa in Heaven will bless us and my motives here. Not for money or materials, but as a family we must unite. Or else, what Chinese New Year is for then? Right? I will do my part to reunite them all. And i'm eager to meet my close relatives. All this while, years, i only know my mom family and that's is about all. Never met any of my dad's one.


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