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Friday, October 24, 2008


Finally... Finally... Finish the class and the final marks from me have been submitted up to my boss for his part. Been a well done semester to all my students. Though there were up and down, good and bad, but all done their best and i believe they can strive their best in the coming exam and other subjects.

p/s: Kids, do have a rest before proceed to study. But don't overdo it.

Well, need to prepare for next semester classes. Will meet new students from second year. So those who will be meeting me again, you know my style and what i need. Be a practical marketers and not book based one. Use your brain as what Dr Ernest always say. Good luck and wish me luck in my upcoming presentration in IBBC conference and colloqium at KL. Hopefully another one at Jakarta will be confirm goes on. And not forgetting the upcoming progress report meeting in December.

I'm Cool~~~ Your Cool~~~

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