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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lucheon and Dinner

It is Sunday and basically this is the day where i will laze my day off waiting for Monday. But this two days i didn't laze off just like that. So decided to cook nice Luncheon and Dinner for myself.

Introducing, 'Jeff' special 'Deep Fried Chicken Wing'. So prepare few chicken wings. Separate the drumstick from the wing. Then put in a deep bowl, put some salt to marinate it first and then an egg and mix it la. Before that, remember to wash it first. Hygene is important here. Then put in some frying flours. Can get it in any sundry or supermarket easily. I use KFC's packet one. Nice. Mix it all and put aside for five to ten minute.

Then put some more of that flour in a flat pan. Deep the chicken in the flour again, cover it all with flour and you can fried it.

Well, before that, please do heat up the cooking oil. And when ready, put on small heat and you can start fry the chicken.
If too hot, the chicken will be burn so remember to control the fire.

Fry untill the chicken is golden in color and tada... ready to be served.

Look like bought from restaurant one right. Ha ha... Below is my lunch for today. Plus dinner la. Ha ha....

Below is yesterday lunch and dinner.

But nothing all above beats my mom cooking. Last new year, we have Hot Pot. And there sat my dad, with his huge belly.

Ha ha....
I'm Cool~~~

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