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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lucky and Relieve

Wow..... I'm considered lucky already this time. Last few day was over at my friend house. So did come back home for a while, bath and stuff. Last night were there and came back this morning after have breakfast with them.

The moment i reach home, i notice my bike was gone (i stay at flat). Nervous and call my dad to tell him that. Then went down to the security house to ask whether they saw it or not. They say no and suddenly in my mind, thought of looking around the flat area first.

Wow, found it. Apparently my bike can't start and i have not repair it. Well, this stupid (actually they are clever, but just use wrongly their talents) thieves broke my bike lock and try to start my bike. I think that they can't start it so they try to push out from my place. By seems that there is security guard around and a security post with only one in out entrance, they decided to leave my bike and go back empty handed. They (i think more than one person) just leave it at one block behind the block i stay.

I almost got heart attack from that. Gosh. But luckily that it is not gone. So call my dad again to tell him what happen and that i have found it back. He told me no need to report to police already as the police can't do much, most probably nothing. As i guess and doubt their abilities.

Today, Lucky~~~ What a relieve.

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