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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stress and Depression

A busy week it is. Have almost all my data back and now continiously doing data feeding into SPSS and preparing for analysis. Finish the class for MR and i don think i will meet any of them in any classes. Unless they repeated and i am still around in UNIMAS (hope that time is a lecturer in UNIMAS already).

Well, just last sunday went to Spring Mall and and met this group of medical people that eventually are psychologist. Well, sat down and try on the test they conducting ---> Stress and Depression. Cant really recall depression test but stress, yes i do. The questionnaire were in chinese so basically i don know those characters (accept my name). So this wonderful lady assistant translate word by word, sentence by sentence for me.

So basically there is 16 questions all together. The test is like this, the more u score, the stresser you are and something should be done. Guess what, i score all. It gave me a shock. It is not i fooling with that lady, but i answer it sincerely. Well, the first instance is, "Shit, i'm in trouble!!!". Then i think what i should do. The easiest solution. I need more beer. Ha ha... That would really help me a lot. Ha ha...

P/s: Thanks Will.

I'm Cool~~~

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