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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lake Side Canteen - UNIMAS

Still the old days the best moment. I think most of the graduates from UNIMAS graduated before 2008 will likely agree on my statement. Back at those days, we only have four main college and three of it located as so called 'old campus' now. We all, from different faculty, from different years, live together under one roof, share the same facilities and play together at those time. Not like nowadays where student from same year doesn't know their own badge students from other faculty. One reasons, they are separated. Can tell you guys, i have friends from engeenering, cog science, social science, marine and many more and i'm from business.

Well, talking of all those nostalgic moment is really good though, but reality is that it never and won't exist again for the students now and the future in UNIMAS. The most memorable to us is this - lake side canteen or populary known as 'Ensurai Canteen'. It is the most popular and pack spot at the glorious UNIMAS moment. Here is where all the students and lecturers and staffs have their breakfast and tea break. We used to escape classes and come to this place for our regular smoke and tea break. In fact some lecturers also do that. It's a good place though.

Though it's small, but it serve us well.

In fact the view of this place is good and very calming. We come here at late of the day just to calm our brain down after days of hard work and hectic. We even used to 'kayak' in this lake. How nice it were.

Now, it have been closed. For two years already it doesn't bear any visitors. Just us the one that really miss the old days. Heard that it was some stupid arrogant big shot in UNIMAS that ordered this place to be closed down. Reasons - Due to too many canteen in old campus.
The fact is that we only have three canteen left in old campus where one located in campus itself where the rest at college that still used and occupied inside old campus. And too many canteen. Students were complaining no one sell food after 4.00 p.m in campus then they have to went outside or secretly cook in their colleges. So does that reasons - too many canteen - fit it.

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