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Friday, November 28, 2008

Blog, blog, blog

Am really suprise and shock of the volume of bloggers traffic in Kuching Blogger. There are so many bloggers out there that make my blog seems like 'p<1.000' a.k.a not significant at all.

That is still alrite but it would seems rather odd to me that even kids as young as 12 years old nowadays already start blogging. Went to my little cousin blog and see some of her links. Well, all KIDS blog. Like Yen Ting, Alexander and etc. Make me look so old.

Not that to say that they are not good or stuff, but rather seems like they are more advanced than an old guy like me. And i'm not that old gua. only 24 lar... But still seems like old guy already when see these kids blog.

I remember during my 'younger' days, we only know of Nintendo, and at that time Playstation seems like an unaffordable stuff to us. We only have our 'kites' and 'brick game' to be say 'technological advanced' to us. Not to say Handphone as well cos we want have that expensive thing for us. Even rich kids don have it, not to say us anymore.

Well, the generations have change and all we have is our sweet memories of the old days back in school and playing in the muds with our buddies.

Anyway, I'm Cool~~

You're Definitely Cool~~~


Ruth Tiong said...

U only 24 years old? I thought that u r 26 or 27++...

J-Man said...

what la dear...

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