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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Surprises and Touching Moment (2)

This morning wake up pretty early at six thirty and after groom myself up, drive all the way down to Merdeka Palace and fecth my dad and another two of his friend to breakfast and to bus terminal. They leave around 10 a.m and can see that they, especially my dad, enjoy their trip here this time.

Well, at bus terminal, i manage to have a small talk with my dad and suddenly my dad just call up my 8th uncle and say that he will be leaving today. Well, my uncle was quite sad as my dad leave and they don have much time spent together. But did notice to ask on some information on the rest of my dad siblings whereabout.

I was suprised that my 8th uncle own the Japanese Restaurant at Damai Puri Resort at Santubong. My 10th uncle work in the airport. The rest we still try to get in contact but did heard that some of my uncle already passed away. I'm sad cos i never manage to meet them. Will probably visit their graves with my family one of this days.

My 8th uncle have ask for me to go visit him and the family at Damai Puri when i'm available. Well, i will make the effort before i travel by end of this month. And most probably have house visitation during Chinese New Year. After all, we are all one family and we should keep in contact.

From 17 siblings, i have already manage to track down 2 of them. Hope everything goes well and we can have a family reunion one of these days. Hope and do wish me luck on my quest.


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