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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Madagascar - Escape 2 Afrika

Madagascar is back and now it is "Escape 2 Afrika". Went there with friend last night at eleven after dinner at 'Jalan Masjid'. It's a sudden decision actually but worth it.

This time, it bigger and funnier. The old lady that beat up 'Alex' the lion at New Jersey Train Station in first episode is back and this time, she is more even aggressive and appealling. Not forgeting 'Moth' the cute little rascal in episod 1. And the four Penguin with that two monkey that excape from NY Zoo as well. You know what i'm saying... Ha ha...

Don't miss is, catch it at your nearby cinema. I strongly don't agree that you buy pirated cd. Spend some on nice movie like this. It is really worthy though.

Your Cool~~~

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