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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sematan and Palm Beach

Went to Sematan Again few weeks ago. Well, these pictures been a while and now just remember to post it in this Blog.

They have one of the most beautiful beaches in Kuching Area. Well, at least a decent one and that's why it attract me to go back there for the beach. I love beach.

And the houses there were built next to the beach in the town. Well, a covered place. So the residents there have nice viewS in late afternoon > Sunsets. That i like.

And of course, resorts. For those who don wish to spend too much money on traveling but wanna have nice vacation + relaxation, 'Palm Beach Resort' would be a good recommendation for those beach lovers > like me.

It's a stoner dude. I love this place. Wont stop coming here.

Your Cool~~~


FLo~ said...

ho~~~ never ask me to go!!!!

J-Man said...

ok lo. u let me know when free we all go there lepak bah. want? ha ha...

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