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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hectic LIFE is back and now WORST!!! Well, better ady...

I think some of my reader here will be wondering why i'm not around or blogging for the past days. Well, my old-self is back! Stressed and busy guy! I'm not busy with life or entertaining people or myself, i'm torturing myself. Well, not to say torture actually. It is my THESIS!!!!

Been so so headache with my data. Was trying my best to really do it and present it in my chapters. I even end up asking opinion from other Lecturers (thanks to Dr. Lo, Mr Puah, Dr. Evan) and other Msc and PhD student in my office. Seems like no one know how to.... Argh..... Or they know but want me to discover it out myself. (Thanks for the opinion, it been a great help).

Still, i can finally understand and do my chapters thanks to my dear beloved supervisor, AP Dr. Ernest Cyril de Run, for his help and patience in teaching me and guide me. He even help in some minor way so that i can understand and continue doing what i need to do actually. Was really touch actually by his effort to even willingly spend his precious time resting at home (even he is not feeling well that day) where he ask me to go to his place and he teach on spot.

Well, i think my cempedak to him cannot really repay his time and effort and patience and expertise. Ha ha... (was trying to bribe him actually, but seems to fail. Next time i'll try cake that have RM in the middle to succeed). I think the only thing that i can pay back to him is not to disappoint his belief and trust in my work and life.

P/s: Prof, i'll do my best...

I'm Cool~~~

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