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Monday, August 11, 2008

Live blogging day 1

For the next three day, i will do live blogging of the convocation at UNIMAS. So please bear with me till the end. Today is the first day, first session where all the Ph.D's, Master's and Undergraduate-Graduate from FSGK.

It brings back the memory of my convocation last year. Looking at those graduated makes me feel like to graduate soon also.

Well, Determine to finish my master as soon as possible so that i also can graduate by next year. So that would be my resolution.

Well, look like talk more of myself then tell the reader what happen. So basically, i'm not invited guest for the conference but still able to watch it live at dewan kuliah 1, old campus UNIMAS. Above is the footage of how it look like when all the graduate come out the main hall. In red pinkish 'jubah' is Master and Ph.D. The only distinction is that Ph.D 'jubah' have a gold lace at both side of the 'jubah' and Master, no. And of course, Master mortar is 'segi empat' and Ph.D mortar is 'bulat'.

Above is when all Faculty Economics and Business CMBA graduate and their family members. Look so red-pinkish everywhere. Ha ha... But that is a very nice and happy view. Can see it in all our lecturer faces. "They are proud of you guys for able to finish Master and graduate successfully".

Some of the footage of CMBA graduate with my supervisor, Associate Professor Dr. Ernest Cyril de Run.

He is so happy. Look, look... Ha ha....

And this is a nice one. I wish it was me graduating there. Ha ha... No worries, soon, soon...

In fact right after the photo session, press able to come and have an interview session with my supervisor on Master, CMBA and (i think) Ph.D as well. Hope i was not mistaken of the information i get.

Well not forget also my Sibu friend from Faculty of Engineering that finished his Master Degree. I'm impressed as he finish it in exatly two years that it is very rare, as least for his faculty students that doing Master by course study. 'Congrats Dude'.

This is the only thing for first day, will continue for tommorrow and the day after, if i can. Ha ha....

Your cool~~~

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Ernest said...

shld post on the food stalls, shows, karaoke by boss...and other activities held at unimas

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