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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Live blogging day 2 second part

Ok, the main concertration here is Faculty of Economics and Business undergraduate student that now officially now a graduate student. Congatulations and not forget deepest congratulations to all my buddy from my badge that successfully graduated this year. "Your not looser, but you all are the best. Remember that".

I'm proud of my friends and my juniors but for sure not for Tan Wei Ling. "I Don't like you! You back stabbed me and future never you gonna have my accountability and recognization. Sorry Prof for being harsh if you reading this entry". Anyway, below is the picture when they just came out from the hall.

Anxious parent and friends wait outside though is hot and sweaty. "We don't care, we want to congrats the graduate".

After that went to faculty gathering and tea break for the 'newly graduated' students and their family and friends. Before that, they have speech and some performance from the 1st year students. Kinda funny though. Ha ha...

Our Dean, Prof. Dr. Shazali giving inspiring speech and congratulations to the 'newly graduates'. "Please don't forget his advice and opinion, ok?".

And above here are some of the line up of the newly graduates. Ha ha... Congratulations again.

The most successfull student from Marketing my badge, Asri ak Lai. He is now a CEO at one of the top company at Miri that mainly do on recruiting and interviewing new employee for SHELL and some other main players in the market. WOW... "I need a job, can get me one?". Ha ha...

This one from Sarikei. You make Sarikei proud and SMK St. Anthony also (My Junior there and now).

This one from SMK Meradong (My junior there and now).

Another good and successful friend. David from FK.

Pretty face from Kuching, Grace. Currently working as a lecturer at ICATS kuching.

Soldier from West Malaysia. My first year room mate, Yin.

He've been interviewed by Borneo Post reporter and hopefully tomorrow will see the entry in Borneo Post.

Not to forget the popular boy of the day, Lau Wee Ming, that apparently show 'peace' on the stage when get his scroll from Pehin (know it from some lecturer). Cool in the Cigar. You are grown up now.

And lastly he feel hungry and decided to sit at the staircase where people and taking photo and he eat there. Can't blame he. He's tired and hungry. Let the baby eat first then we party. Ha ha...
Above all, it is cool and nice. Grand and fully celebrated. Congratulation to all again. Sorry that only can be enter. Too many pictures. But future will be updated. No worries. Cheers...

Your cool~~~

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