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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stress Thursday

As expected, today i'll be in stressed condition. First with my chapters been marked and rejected. Second, a journal me and my supervisor submit few month ago been rejected. For my chapters, at least my supervisor didn't say 'useless' or 'rubbish' la. But if he say so, i also accept it with open heart. Cos i'm big heart one ma. Second stuff, need to redo also.

So, kinda frustrated but i know this is what an academic life is supposely be so, so i accept it as a challenge. I'm big hearted ma. Ha ha.

Well, follow what my supervisor says, "you can stress for an hour or two but forget it all after that". I gonna do that and guess what, now i really feel relieved. So tomorrow start, i can start all over again.

I'm cool~~~

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