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Friday, August 8, 2008


Miss the old days back at Sarikei. Everytime when i went back, i will have wonderfull days with few of my best buddies. Well, most of the time we will spend our weekdays afternoon and night at coffee shop enjoying our nice Sarikei brewed coffee, few packet of cigarette (not me alone la, all four of us) and few nice snooker game after the coffee shop sessions.

Nice and cozy place with nice slow music and some time some hits music. Vary from English hits to Chinese hits. All time favorite place. and per match only cost RM3.00. Don't know when the Kuchiengs will learn to promote their snooker centre with affordable price rather than charge RM6.00 to RM9.00 per hour. Everytime i play a match at some snooker centre around Kuching, i will definitely rush and don't have much feeling of enjoyment.

Placing of snooker balls. Nice one. Everyone now act like Jimmy Y. Ha ha...

James aiming and look so furious. Ha ha....

This is Alex, our pro master for snooker. Always with his trick skills and sharp aiming. He always the champion among us. Damn... I should practice more. Ha ha...

This is Oscar, the father of two. Ha ha... He still know how to enjoy his life with us. But, he never neglect his family, wife, children and job. A nice guy and a friend of mine since kindi, that include James and Alex as well. 20 years of friendships and more.
And lastly, never forgotten, me.... He he... But this picture look ridiculous right? Ha ha...
Above all, i really miss the old life at Sarikei. All slow and never have to rush for anything. Everyone will say "slow down. Why rush?". That is quite true back at Sarikei. Why rush?

Your cool~~~

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