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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Live blogging day 2 first half

Should i call it live blogging? Call it whatever i want la. Anyway, yeah... Today is Convocation second day and it is my faculty session. Like usual, i'm not invited to be in the hall so can only access it outside but with live coverage, full some more. Today is CM turn. Like usual, he look smart and professional and he is UNIMAS Pro-Chancellor.

Just try to look at behind, do you see Dr. Ernest. Concertrating on the speech and i manage to saw him taking photos some more. Ha ha... Anyway, "Prof, you look serious la".

This are some of the lecturers line up. Can't see it so clearly but from the left is Prof. Abu, Prof. Ahmad, Mr. Puah and Dr. Evan. All look so serious. "Loose up a bit guys"

And the highlight of this post is this. The guy in the picture is Lau Wee Ming. And he did something and i'm not so sure what he has done but for sure people are clapping pretty much when he went up, take his degree and went down the stage. Then after five minute, he sms me and say that Pehin told him he is glamour. Hope it is true cos if it is, then he is really something that big shots kinda giving a little attention to him. And as i know, other lost cos they just shake hand and leave. There even some girls that tend to make funny of themselves by standing long enough at the stage and wait for their picture taken but Pehin just like usual, wait for anotherr person and those girls are neglected. Ha ha...

And the one that really make us marketers disgrace is when Tan Wei Ling from Sibu went up. God, what she was doing? She look so.... not hot or pretty but. "Please, don't put yourself in the spotlight cos u are not popular and for sure the big shot are not putting attention on you". Disgrace me!!!

Your cool but sure not Tan Wei Ling~~~

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