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Friday, August 8, 2008


Been listening to quite a lot of news at radio where they say 'don't double park' or 'perfecting the art of double parking'. All these sentence mean 'park properly' and 'be considerate'. Well, i think the community either deaf or just simply 'bodoh sombong'. Went to Sibu three month ago and see how they double park. And the authority seems like nowhere to be seen.

Been driving around Sibu to find some parking but just can't find any. Not there not enough parking space, but mostly cars double park and interestingly nothing happen to them. Back in Kuching, i will always encounter can't find any parking space and it is not due to double parking but due to too many cars. One thing i like of Kuching, people will park properly (accept some inconsiderate one la). Still there is 'bodoh sombong' everywhere. No denial on that.

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