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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Live blogging day 3

Hi readers. Welcome back. This is the last day of UNIMAS convocation and below were some of the footage of FSS, FIT and Medic convocation ceremony. Well, might not have much to say, but as promise, live blogging by J-Man is here. Ha ha...

Happy faces and proud faces. And an old guy waiting for his son or daughter or grandchildren. p/s: 'Ding Ding Ding...' Anyone lost a grandpa/ father? Please come to receptionist desk to claim him. Thank you. 'Ding Ding Ding...'

Look like the one celebrating is happier than the graduand. Ain't it? ha ha....

This girl is lost i think.

Don't fight la.
p/s: Hey moms, your kid graduated ady la, so please don't be harsh on them. Ok? Ha ha...

Look here, look here.

Ok, here a distinction between Indian girl and Indian boy being celebrated. The girls will pray to their God and thanks their God for the success they have now and then.

The boys atthe other hand know how to celebrate people and things like throwing their mates and make some interesting stuff like clowns and water baloons. 'my badge celebration, they have two clowns. Now no clown. I think no demand gua... Ha ha...'.

p/s: Ha ha... No offend guys/girls. Just some stupid idea when writting this blog entry.

And also able to catch the epic battle between first years and the FEB staffs. Guess what, staff loose again. Ha ha... 'Told you guys before, admit your are old la. Ha ha...".

Anyway, it's a cool and nice convocation this year. Congratulation again to all graduates/ graduand. Have a successfull years ahead and don't forget us here at UNIMAS. We always welcome you guys back here for further studies and stuff or might able to collaborate in the future. Cheers...

Your cool~~~
I'm cool~~~

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Ernest said...

Good one
especially the photo of the guy being thrown into the air...

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