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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today 4th of March mark the day of my mom birthday as well as mine. Well, me and my mom birthday fall on the same day. So you be thinking, at the day when my mom supposely celebrating her birthday, she gave birth to me. What a remarkable thing in my life. And that is also why i carry some of the mark that resemblence my mom. "Mom, i love you"

Didn't really also celebrate my 25th birthday. of course every birthday boy and girl hope that during their birthday, there is cake and celebration. Mine, never happen. Some more this year, with all the family financial crisis, i have even no mood to celebrate or even to think of it. I log it into this post so that in future i can look back on what my 25th birthday is all about.

But at least i got one loving step sister (currently at Miri) Jill, that still remember my birthday and have text me a birthday song to celebrate with me. Well, actually i text her first cos she is a year and a day older than me. Her birthday fall on 3rd of March. And some nice fren that give me all the best wishes. I hope i can have those best wishes happen as me and my family desperately need some miracle to happen now.

Thinking back of it, i better wish myself a "happy birthday".

Happy Birthday~~~

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Ernest said...

Happy Birthday
May you have many more, with good health, wealth, and happiness.

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