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Monday, March 9, 2009


I must admit, it's holiday and currently i feel bored. Nope, since few days back. Travelling gonna cost me bomb as now i'm damn broke. Yeah, u heard me.

Holiday would mean something if u have something on hand and in mind that u can do. I just have worries and worries and worries. So sit back in my office, do my thesis, finish it and submit to my boss. If i go somewhere now, for sure those stuff won't finish by itself, right.

Also working on my CV before i apply for job next month. Need to get job and finish my master soon. Financially, i need it a lot to support not only me but also my family. And also ease my brother burden of supporting the family expenses.

I remember my boss words, don rush. So i not rushing now, just preparing. So prepare CV, get some contact at some places and apply in. If got job, can nego with them when i could start, and that will be when i submitted my thesis of course. So it is not rushing, just planning ahead. Better than when i finish my masters, i still don got any job yet right? Not rushing, by preparing.

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