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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things you can do under a TREE...

There are few things that we can do under a tree. You can do it either yourself, with your partners or even in a group. Here is some tricks. Three of it actually.

For single person, one person only, you can:
1) Just sit under the tree with a nice book and have a real nice relaxing time reading. This what most of the western people do.
2) You can play carving oon the bulk of the tree and hope that the one that you admire would see your carving. Carve some love, or names or message, something like that. Done in most love stories that i watch. Ew....
3) Play Isaac Newton. Discover a new theory on gravity. Isaac Newton have done it, so you beter think of something new under a tree.

For partners or two people;
1) Dating. This most of the people iin Malaysia do. dating under a tree. Fascinating actually.
2) Picnic. Can plus a dog so look like some love movie stuff. Romantic and Ew.......
3) Play Bollywood movie, Dancing, singing and going around that tree. Fascinating.

For groups or bunch of people;
1) Play catch (Police and Theives). This what i always do when i'm eight years old, with my gangs, under a tree.
2) Organize a wedding. This would be interesting. I hope during my wedding, i can do it under a tree. US style. He he...
3) Organize a meeting. But need to get permit and full access from court, police and our YB's. Meaning, GET PERMISSION.....

That is some stuff you and your partners and friends can do under a tree. So no more "under the sea" slogan from Disney, but "under a tree" slogan from Malaysia.

Your Cool~~~

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